Many of our ancestors came to Virginia after the Jamestown massacre, but before 1700. This page is to recognize their early arrival in Virginia, to become familiar with their names and the counties in which they settled and to learn about the times in which they lived.


Virginia in the 1640's offered quick wealth to only a few. Ninety percent held small holdings of 50 to a few hundred acres. The settlers in Virginia worked hard clearing forests for their tobacco crops. Tobacco was legal tender in Virginia. The great staple was Indian corn and was used for batter or spoon bread or cone pone and was served for breakfast with butter or molasses. Irish and sweet potatoes and peas, especially black-eyed peas were grown by everyone. Hogs ran wild as did chickens. Most of the settlers had cattle and sheep and small orchards of apples, peaches, plums and figs. There was an abundance of wild game.

Settlers killed foxes, wolves, minks, polecats, bears and an occasional panther, partially for the safety of the homesteaders and to protect their livestock.

Indians avoided forts but fell upon isolated farms in a new clearing of settlement. The settlers felt the government was indifferent to their safety and well-being.

Their were families which could boast of armigerous families who had holdings of several hundred acres which brought in indentured workers, but these were inthe minority.

Of the indentures, no more than 15% were unskilled. Little more than 1% came from the gentry and most of those were brought as tutors and clerks or indentured to kinsmen already in the colony. Before 1676, a small number of criminals were brought to Virginia but few survived. Indentures may have been as high a 75% of those who came to Virginia, but former indentures comprised no more than one third of the landholders, partly due to the appalling mortality rate. Casualties were as high as 100,000 in the first 30 years, or 5 of every 6 adventurers. Some indentures ran away.

Freeholding families could rise rapidly in social position.

Many of our ancestors were in Virginia prior to 1700 but after 1624. This is some information about them.

Accomac, VA

The Indian name for the Eastern Shore was Accawmacke..."across the water place". The shire of Accomac was created in 1634 and covered the entire Eastern Shore. The name was changed to Northampton in 1642 in an attempt to Anglicize the names of the shires. By 1663, the population had grown to the point of dividing the shire into two parts, the northern half became Accomac County. The county was abolished for a time in 1670 as Gov.William Berkeley wanted to arrest Col. Edmund Scarburgh for the murders of some native chiefs. This was one of the incidents which led to Bacon's Rebellion in 1676. Scarburgh claimed immunity from prosecution as members of the General Assembly (a Burgess) was immune to arrest. In order to circumvent this immunity, Berkeley declared the county formation to be nullified. When Scarburgh died the county was re-created in 1671. It was not until 1940 that the county received the k at the end of its name to become Accomack County.

Christopher Tilghman was born in 1600 in Kent, England. In 1630 he married Ruth Devonshire and they had children: George, John and Roger. Christopher died in James City, VA. Christopher Tilghman is listed in Early Emigrants and Patents of VA. He came to possess Rhodes Court and later sold it to Thomas Carter. Rhodes Court was a manor in the southeast Parish of Selling in the borough of Rhodes in England. Christopher arrived in VA to James City County on 9 May 1635. Roger Tilghman was born in 1650 in Accomac, VA and married before 1675 to Winnifred Austin. He married secondly in 1680 to Susannah Parham. His children are: Robert, Jane, Christine, John and George. Roger owned 1060 acres in Bristol Parish, Charles County, VA. He transported 22 persons into the colony (perhaps including Robert A. Abernathy). His land was known as Fort Tilman and was located on the south side of Appamattox River at Monk's Head. Roger died in 1690 in Prince George, VA. After settling in VA, Roger changed his name from Tilghman to Tillman.

Also in Accomac, VA was Ruth Devonshire's family and Winnifred Austin's family.

Albemarle, VA

James Kerr arrived in Albemarle, VA through Pennsylvania. James Kerr was born in Scotland about 1740. He married Sarah Unknown possibly in Scotland. James and Sarah had the following children: Elizabeth, James, John Rice, David and Mary. Sarah died before 1795. James then married Susan Unknown about 1795 in Albemarle, VA. Susan died in 1798 in Albemarle, VA. James left VA for KY where he died after 1808.

Elizabeth Kerr married Joseph Jones Monroe in 1790 in Albemarle, VA. Joseph and Elizabeth had the following children: Lucy Jane and Harriott Forbes. Elizabeth Kerr died before 1801 in Albemarle, VA. Joseph Jones Monroe married Sarah Gordon, possibly in Albemarle, VA in 1801. He later married Elizabeth Glasscock. Joseph Jones Monroe died in 1824 in Chariton Court, MO. Joseph Jones Monroe was an attorney and served as Secretary to the President during his brother James' tenure as President of the United States.

Amelia, VA

James Oliver was born ca 1710 probably in VA. He married Elizabeth Unknown about 1735. James Oliver died after 23 Feb 1787 in Amelia VA. Children of James Oliver are: Elizabeth, James, Richard, John, Asa, Isaac, Sarah and William.

Richard S. Forrest was born 1721/45 Nottoway Parish, Amelia, VA. He married Elizabeth Oliver.Richard Forret may have died in Halifax, VA. Their known children are: Judith and Elizabeth.

Richard S. Forrest is the son of Abraham Forrest b.1675 in Nottoway Parish, Amelia, VA. It is believed that Abraham Forrest married Judith Billups b. ca 1680; daughter of George Billups of Amelia County born 1630 and died 1662 and wife, Sarah. Abraham Forrest died before 22 Feb 1759 in Amelia, VA. Children of Abraham and Judith are: Richard S., Abraham, George, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Joyce and Ann. Abraham Forrest's will was proven by the oaths of Henry Ward, Joseph Brown and Lawrence Brown. His wife, Judith, was executor of his will.

Abraham Forrest is the son of John Forrest and Ann Long. John Forrest was born about 1650 in VA. Children of John Forrest and Ann Long are: Abraham, John and Richard.

John Forrest is the son of Henry Forrest and Elizabeth Cheesman. Henry was born about 1623 probably in England, but perhaps in Jamestown.. He died in VA. Elizabeth Cheesman was probably born in England around 1630. Children of Henry and Elizabeth are: John and Edmond. Henry was granted land in Gloucester, VA in 1658 which was passed to his sons: John and Edmund. It is possible that this Henry Forrest is descended from or related to Thomas Forrest of Jamestown 1608.

Ann Long was born ca 1650 probably in VA. She is the daughter of Richard Long b. ca 1620 probably in England and Sarah English who was born ca 1620 probably in England. A Richard Long, born 1591 in England died in the Isle of Wight, VA. He married an Alice who was born 1601 in England. This Richard had issue:Robert. It is possible that Richard was also connected to this Richard Long.

James Wade was born about 1697 in Amelia, VA. He married Elizabeth, possibly Ballinger. James and Elizabeth probably died in Goochland, VA. James and Elizabeth had children: Angelica, Robert, James, Philip and John.

James Wade was the son of James Wade and wife Mary Hampton, daughter of Rev. Thomas Hampton. James Wade was born about 1660 in VA (possibly Amelia). He died in 1740 in Hanover, VA. James and Mary had the following children: James, Henry, Margaret, Edward, Andrew, Richard, Robert, John, William and Sarah.

Augusta, VA

Augusta County was formed in 1738 and named for Augusta, Princess of Wales. First setled by the Scot-Irish Presbyterians, Augusta lay on the frontier of Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Shenandoah Range. Staunton is the County seat and was early settled by the Scot-Irish, which populated the county.

James McCall and his family lived in Augusta Co., VA in the time period 1744-1756. James McCall married Janet Harris in 1738 in Lancaster, PA. They had children: William, James, Thomas, Rachel, Agnes, Jane and Hugh. Agnes and Jane were both born in Augusta, VA. In 1756 with the Indian uprising preceding the French-Indian War, the Indian attacks became so prevalent in the frontier county of Augusta that the McCall family, along with their friends, the Calhoun's moved into the Carolina's where it was believed their families would be free from Indian attack.

James Harris was born in ca 1680 in Scotland or Ireland. He married unknown and had daughters: Janet, Martha and Isabella. James came with the McCall family and the Calhoun family to Augusta, VA. When the McCall's and the Calhoun's moved into the Carolina's, James Harris remained in the Little New River Kenhoway area of VA. It is said that he died there at the age of 110.

William R. Berryhill was born 1756 Augusta, VA. He died 1799 Mecklenburg, NC and is buried in the Steele Creek Presbyterian Cemetery. William married Elizabeth Whiteside who was born about 1760. Known child of William and Elizabeth is Mary.

Father of William R. Berryhill is John Berryhill who was born 1728 in Mecklenburg, VA and died 1818 in Augusta, VA. John Berryhill married Rachel Moffatt/Moffett who was born ca 1735 in Augusta, VA. She died in Augusta, VA. Children of John Berryhill and Rachel Moffatt are: William R., Samuel, Joseph, James, Elizabeth, Maxard and Alexander.

John Berryhill is the son of John Berryhill b. 1687 Ulster, Ireland and Mary Bigness b. ca 1691 Ulster, Ireland. They both died in VA, probably in Augusta. Children of John and Mary are: John, Elizabeth, Joseph, Samuel and William.

John Berryhill is the son of Alexander Berryhill b. 1661 in Scotland and Lady Jane Cartwright b. 1661 London, England. Children of Alexander and Lady Jane are: John, William, Samuel and Joseph.

Rachel Moffatt/Moffett is the daughter of James Moffatt who was born ca 1712 probably in VA. It is unknown whom James married, nor the names of his other children. James Moffatt is the son of Eli Moffatt b. ca 1660 Scotland and died at Moffett Creek, Augusta, VA. Eli's wife is unknown. His children are: James, Augusta, John, Warren and Lyle. Eli is the son of William Moffett b. ca 1630 Dumfriesshire, Scotland and died probably in Augusta, VA.

Bedford, VA

Originally, the land currently included in Bedford county was part of Charles County, then in 1703 part of Prince George County, in 1732 part of Brunswick County and 1746 part of Lunenburg County. Bedford County was formed in 1754.

William Irvine was born ca 1690 in Scotland. He came to America through Pennsylvania and made his way to Bedford, VA where he died in 1767. He married Ann Craig in Raloo, Larne, Ulster, Ireland. They had the following children: Christopher, Johannah, and David. William Irvine was the son of Robert Irvine and Margaret Wylie. Christopher Irvine was born in 1737 in Bedford County, VA. He married Lucinda Prudence Echols in Halifax, VA and eventually made his way (probably after the Revolution) to Georgia. Prudence Echols Irvine died in Marietta, Cobb, GA in 1845 while living with her son, David Irwin. Christopher died in 1815 in Morgan, GA.

Thomas Hunt was a resident ot Bedford County. He married Jane Unknown and they had children: Jessie, Ariah, Esli, Thomas, Mary, William, Asenath "Sene", Joel, Peter, Elizabeth, Moses, John, Benjamin, Phoebe, Stephen?. It is believed that Thomas Hunt was a physician in the county. This Thomas Hunt was a loyalist (or Quaker?) during the Revolution and was imprisoned by Patriots. Thomas Hunt died in Bedford County in 1808.

Brunswick County, VA

Brunswick County was formed in 1720 and was named for the House of Brunswick, which had assumed the throne in Englaind in 1714. The county lies in the south central part of Virginia on the North Carolina border. Fort Christiana was the first settlement. The county was formed from Prince George County and later received lands from Surry and Isle of Wight Counties.

Samuel Harwell was born about 1680 in Prince George County, VA. He died 12 May 1767 in Brunswick, VA. Samuel married Mary Coleman, daughter of Thomas Coleman and Rebecca. Samuel purchased 218 acres in Prince George County 17 Aug 1720 that lay on the north side of the Nottoway River. He purchased 453 acres in Brunswick County in 1726.

Richard Jones was born about 1660 in Prince George County, VA and died in 1747 in Brunswick, VA. He was the son of Richard Jones and Martha Llewelyn. It is believed he married about 1686 Amy Batte, daughter of Thomas Batte and perhaps Mary Randolph. Richard Jones was a militia captain and an Indian trader, a right that was given to him in 1712 by Governor Alexander Spotswood. Richard amassed a fortune in his trade with the Indians for beaver skins. In Ameia County, Richard obtained a patent for 1,623 acres in 1735. In 1736, the last patent recorded for Richard was for 650 acres in Brunswick County south of the Nottoway River. Richard married a second time to Rachel Ragsdale, daughter of Godfrey Ragsdale and Rachel Rowlette. He died in St. Andrew's Parish, Brunswick County, VA 8 Aug 1747-5 Nov 1747. At the time of his death, he owned about 1,500 acres of land and 22 slaves. Eight children were identified in his will.

Caroline, VA

Caroline County was formed in 1727 from Essex, King and Queen and King William Counties. It was named for Queen Caroline, wife of George II. Caroline was the childhood home of brothers Gen.George Rogers Clark, Revolutionary War hero and William Clark, of Lewis and Clark. Another Revolutionary War hero was John Taylor who married Lucy Penn, daughter of John Penn, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Upper Zion Baptist Church org. 1774. Preceded by preaching in the homes of preachers Lewis Craig and John Waller which was unlawful. At least two citizens were arrested and jailed for allowing their homes to be used for this purpose: James Ware and James Pitman.

Walter Evans was born ca 1665 in Wales. He arrived in New Scotland, Charles Co., MD by 1685 when he and perhaps brother, Richard Evans, purchased land in that county. There was also a Benjamin Evans who patented land right next to New Scotland in Calvert Co. as early as 1673 to 1688 and Richard also patented there in 1696. In 1696 New Scotland Hundred became part of Prince George's County, VA. Walter Evans married Elizabeth "Betsy" Holcomb and had issue known: Catherine "Caty", Kitty.

Richard Echols was born in 1706 in Caroline, VA. He married Catherine "Caty" Evans ca 1734. They had children: John, Drucilla, Moses, Benjamin, Obediah, James, Mary, Joseph, Sally, Anna and Elizabeth. Richard died after 15 June 1778.

John White was born about 1663 in Caroline, VA. He married about 1695 to Mary Elbert. John died in Georgia. John and Mary had the following children: Jeremiah, Reuben, Daniel, and John.

Thomas Elbert was born in 1645 probably in Virginia. He died in 1700 in VA.

John Gooch was born ca 1720. Place of birth is unknown. He died in Caoline, VA in 1793. His wife's name is unknown but was perhaps Rowland. John's children were: Gideon, Rowland, Elizabeth, Joseph, Anna Mariah, John and William. John's son, Gideon was born in Caroline, VA about 1745. He married Mary McGeehee, probably in Caroline, VA about 1765. Gideon and Mary had the following children: Sarah, Mary, John, Judity, Elizabeth, Gideon, Nancy and Susannah. Gideon moved his family to Granville, NC where he died in 1800. John's will mentions land which John still owns in Caroline, VA. It is possible that John's wife was named Mary or Elizabeth.

Carr McGeehee of Hanover, VA died in Caroline County in 1782. Please see Hanover County for his information.

Ann Elizabeth Terrill was born in 1728 in Caroline, VA. She is the daughter of Joel Terrill and wife, Sarah Elizabeth Oxford (See New Kent, VA). Ann married Micahah Chiles of Caroline, VA.

Micajah Chiles was born 1676 Caroline, VA. He married ca 1699 to Ann Elizabeth Terrill. Micajah died in 1734/5 in Caroline, VA. Micajah and Ann had one known child: Manoah.

Manoah Chiles was born in ca 1706 in Hanover, VA. He married in 1742 to Ann Cheadle. Manoah died in 1760 in Caroline, VA. Ann Cheadle Chiles died in Hanover, VA before 1773. Manoah and Ann had the following known child: Ann/Elizabeth (see Middlesex, VA)

Charles City, VA

Charles City was an original shire. Named for a proposed city, the county is one of the oldest in America, created in 1619.

Francis Poythress was born in London, England. He married in Charles City, VA to Rebecca Wynne Coggin. He and Rebecca had the following children: John, Francis, Rebecca, Ann, Thomas,and Robert. John was born about 1625/38 in Virginia. He married Mary Batte and had the following children: Rebecca, Thomas, and Francis. John died in 1724 in Prince George, VA.

Rev. John Knowles was born 1596/1614 in Lincolnshire, England. In about 1635, he married Mary Broadnax in VA. The reverend and his wife, Mary had a son, Richard, who lived in Henrico, VA. Rev.John Knowles died in 1685 in London, England.

George Pace, son of Richard Pace of Jamestown, was born in 1609 in England. In 1637 he married in Jamestown to Sarah Maycock, daughter of Samuel Maycock of Jamestown. George was killed in an Indain raid against the Chickahominy Indians when in his late 30's. George's son, Richard was born in 1638 and was an infant when his father was killed. In 1660/61, Richard married Mary Knowles, daughter of Rev. John Knowles. Together they had the following children: Richard, Ann, Sarah, George, John, James, Thomas and Elizabeth. Richard died age 39 with no will. He was only 17 when his father, George died, leaving him 1000 acres. In 1660 he began selling land and then turned to hunting wolves for bounties. he entered service to put down Bacon's Rebellion 1676 and received 2000 pounds of tobacco for service to Gov. William Berkeley. At his father's death, William Baugh was appointed his guardian 4 June 1655 Charles City Co., VA Court. Richard died in 1677 in Charles City, VA. Richard's son, Richard was born in 1663 in Charles City, VA. He married 1688/99 to Rebecca Poythress (though there is some question about this). Richard and Rebecca had the following children: Thomas, Ann, Rebecca, Richard, William, Thomas, Amy, Francis, and Tabitha. Richard moved to Albemarle, NC in 1704 and died there in 1736. 

Thomas Batte was born in 1634 in York England. He married Mary Unknown probably in England. Thomas and Mary had a daughter known: Amy. Thomas died in Charles City Co., VA.

Robert Abernathy was born in 1695 at Poplar Run in Charles City County, VA. He is the son of Robert Abernathy and Christine Tilghman of Prince George, VA. He married Mary Howell or Harwell about 1725 in VA. Robert and Mary had the following children: Miles, Amy, Elizabeth, John B., Mary, Robert and David. Robert moved to Granville, NC in 1768 and from there to Tryon, later Lincoln Co., NC. He died in Tryon, NC in 1772.

Charlotte County, VA

Charlotte County was named for Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III of England. The county seat is Charlotte Court House. The county was formed in 1764 from Lunenburg. Patrick Henry and John Randolph of Roanoke were noted residents of Charlotte County.

Charlotte County is located in central southern Virginia and is heavily forested and offers rich game huntin of whitetail deer and wild turkey as well as small game. The county is premier tobacco growing land.

Dinwiddie, VA

Dinwiddie County was formed in 1762 from Prince George County. Prior to 1702, both Prince George County and Dinwiddie County were part of Charles City County. Dinwiddie County was named for Robert Dinwiddie, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia 1751-1758.

Dinwiddie County is surrounded by the counties of Nottoway, Amelia, Chesterfield, Prince George, Sussex, Greensville and Brunswick.

Elizabeth City, VA

Elizabeth County was formed in 1634 and was an original County, part of the Jamestown settlement.

Grace O'Neill Waters, widow of Edward Waters of Homemead, Hertfordshire, England, was born in 1603 probably in England. She died in 1681 in Elizabeth City, VA. She was succeeded by the following known children: Susannah, William and Margaret.

Fincastle, VA

The now extinct Fincastle county lies within the present Montgomery and Washington counties in south-western Virginia. Originally, Fincastle, VA was part of the county of Augusta, home to so many Scot-Irish. In the mountains of the James River, Fincastle offered the Scot-Irish a land rich in timber and water resources.

Samuel McAdams arrived in Fincastle from Ulster, Ireland, probably in the 1730's with his two sons, James and John. Samuel settled on the Holston River between Maxwell's Gap and Doak's settlement. In 1762 Samuel signed a petition for road improvements, signed again in 1768 in the orginal Augusta, VA. In 1768, Augusta, VA, Samuel and Joseph were witnesses to a land sale. Samuel's will is dated 1 Aug 1775 and mentions John and James and a daughter, Susannah. Exec. is William Davis and the will is witnessed by James and Samuel Davis, John Rayan.

James McAdams, son of Samuel, was born about 1720/30 in Ulster, Ireland. He came to Virginia with his father, Samuel and brother, John, settling in the Fincastle area of then Augusta county, Virginia. James served in the Revolutionary War and was assigned to Robert Powell's Company, 3d VA Regiment in Col.William Heath's unit in 1778.James married Rachel Unknown and had issue: James, Joseph, Susanna, Anne, Egness, Elizabeth and Rebecca. James probably died in Virginia and may have lived on the plantation, MacCaddames in present Scott, VA, later owned by James Thompson and willed to his son, James Doaks in 1821.

James McAdams, son of James, was born in 1754, probably in the old Augusta, VA area of Fincstle. This James served in the Revolution in the VA 7th and 11th units with Joseph Crockett. This James lived in VA near Washington, TN. James married Jemima Murray ca 1771 probably in Virginia or North Carolina. His son, James was born in 1773 in Wake, NC, though it is believed that this James lived in Virginia near Washington, TN. After the Revolution, James moved to the Pendleton District of present Pickens County, where he purchased land in 1802. He served in the War of 1812 (?) and received land in Jefferson Alabama and in St.Clair, Alabama in 1821. He died in St.Clair, AL in 1828.

Franklin, VA

Franklin County was formed in 1785 from Bedford, Henry and Patrick Counties.

John William (Wily?) Kingry was born in 1833 in Rocky Mount, Franklin, VA. He fought for the Confederacy with the 42d VA Co.K. He married unknown and had the following children: John William, George, J.L."Leo", Maude and Mattie. In 1870 he went to Hopkins Co., TX where he died in 1903.

It is believed that John W. Kingry was the son of Thomas Jefferson Kingery and Sarah Elizabeth Gearhart. Thomas Jefferson Kingery was born 1787 in Bedford, VA. He died 1872 Franklin, VA. He married in 1813 in Franklin, VA to Sarah Elizabeth Gearhart b.1797 Franklin, VA. Sarah died 1871 in Franklin, VA. Children of Thomas Jefferson Kingery and Sarah were: John Wily, Thomas J. Jefferson, Seberine Sally, Fleming, Sebert and Peter.

Thomas Jefferson Kingery was the son of Peter Kingery b. ca 1775 PA. Peter died in Franklin, VA in 1810. Peter married Catherine "Katy" Seabold/ Sebold who was born ca 1760 and died 1818 Franklin, VA. Children of Peter and Catherine were: Thomas Jefferson, Elizabeth "Betsy", Nellie, Henry, Mary "Polly", and Peter. The Kingery's came from PA and settled in the Blackwater River Valley of VA. They were Brethern or Dunkerds.They came to PA from Germany and the name was originally Gingrich.

Sarah Elizabeth Gearhart who married Thomas Jefferson Kingery was the daughter of Leonard Gearhart and Sarah Johnson. Leonard was born 1767 Philadelphia, PA and probably died in Franklin, VA. Sarah Johnson was born ca 1780 perhaps in VA. Known children of Leonard and Sarah are Sarah Elizabeth and John.

Leonard Gearhart is the son of Peter Gearhart and Anna Margaret Wolffskell. Peter Gearhart was born 1742 Philadelphia, PA and died in 1802 in Franklin, VA. Anna Margaret Wolffskell is the daughter of Johannes Wolffskell. Anna Margaret was born 18 Nov 1735 in Hueffelshein, Palatine, Germany. She probably died in Franklin, VA. Children of Peter and Anna include: Leonard, Abrahem, Christina, Johann Henry, Mary Polly, Peter, Susannah, Johann Valentin, Hannah, William, Thomas and Johann James.

Daniel Gillespie was born ca 1739, possibly in Amherst, VA. He married unknown and had a known son: Evan.

Evan Gillespie was born 1765 in Amherst, VA.In 1789, in Franklin Co., he married Nancy Lee Frashier/Frazier. Nancy was the daughter of John Frashier/ Frazier and his wife Elizabeth. Evan and Nancy had the following children: William, Elizabeth, Evan, Polly, Jeremiah and Nancy.

William Gallaspie was born 1794 Franklin, VA. He married Alice "Ally" Wade in 1820 in Franklin, VA. Alice "Ally" was born 1798 and died 6 Jul 1893 in Franklin, VA. William and Ally had the following children: Amanda, William, Mary, Anna, Elizabeth, David, Robert, Chancelor and Alzira.

Alice "Ally" Wade was the daughter of Castleton Wade and Judith Chancellor. Castleton Wade was born in 1765 in Goochland, VA. He died in Franklin, VA in 1825. Castleton and Judith had children: Alice "Ally", Mary, Sarah and Nancy.

Gloucester, VA

The county was not formed until 1651. The Indian fortress of Powhatan was in Gloucester on the north side of the river. It is believed that it was in Gloucester that Pocahontas saved Captain John Smith. Some Charles River land patents were granted as early as 1639 but were not considered safe for settlement until 1644. George Washington's great grandfather received a York County land patent in 1650 for land that became a part of Gloucester in 1651. It consisted of four parishes: Abingdon, Kingston, Petsworth and Ware.

Gloucester County was formed from the original Charles River County 1634. The name was changed to York in 1642/43 and finally Gloucester created in 1651.

These lands became a major tobacco producing area in the 16 and 1700's, giving rise to great plantation homes and estates. The county is home to Abingdon Episcopal Church where George Washington and Thomas Jefferson worshipped, often at the same service. Washington's maternal grandmother's home was in Gloucester. Jefferson spent many nights at Roswell, home of his friend, John Page.

The southern tip of Gloucester extends into the York River directly across from Yorktown. This finger of land called Tyndall's Point for Captain John Smith's mapmaker, Robert Tyndall, became known as Gloucester Point during the Revolution. An early fortification was built there to protect the waterways of Virginia. Gloucester Point is the site of the "Second Surrender" by General Charles Lord Cornwallis to General George Washington at Yorktown.

The Masonic Hall in Gloucester was formed in 1757, oneof the oldest Masonic Lodges in the country. Hotel Botetourt was built in 1774 and served as a tavern in early days. Later it became a hotel. Rosewell was home to the Page family and was begun in 1725. John Page, grandson of the builder, attended William and Mary with Jefferson. Long Bridge Ordinary was built prior to 1730 and served as a shopping place for travelers going along the old Indian Road. Warner Hall Graveyard is home to the ancestors of George Washington, Robert E. Lee and Queen Elizabeth II. It is on the grounds of Warner's Hall built about 1642. Warner Hall was home of the Warner-Lewis family.

Henry Forrest was born in 1623 in England and came to Virginia by 1643. He was granted land in Gloucester, VA in 1658. Henry had sons: John and Edmund. John Forrest was born about 1650 and married Anne Long about 1670-1675. John's son, Abraham, maried Judith Billups. (This is not proven). (See also Amelia, VA)

Richard Long was born about 1620, probably in England. He is the father of Anne who married John Forrest. A Richard Long b. 1591 in England and died in Isle of Wight, VA married Alice Unknown who was born 1601 in England. Known issue was Robert but this Richard is probably also the father of Richard Long above.

Sarah English is the daughter of Abraham English 1600 England and died 1638/68 in Gloucester, VA. Abraham English had known daughters: Sarah and Mary. Abraham was in Gloucester before 1627. He returned to England through Ireland in 1635 but returned back to VA. His land was referred to as "ancient bounds". He had a Chiskiake patent from the Governor of VA.

George Billups was born in 1630 in Wales. He came to Virginia in 1648 and in 1666 built a home named Bellashon on Gwynn's Island in the Chesapeake Bay.

John Eckolls was born ca 1620 in Grovesend, England. Little is known of John. He married and had a son: John Eckolls and died in Point Comfort, VA, date unknown. Point Comfort is presently in the county of Matthews though it was in York County until the formation of Gloucester in 1651.

William Hampton was born in 1592 in Middlesex, England. He married Joane Unknown in England. William immigrated to Elizabeth City, VA before 1623. William died after 5 Sep 1652 in Gloucester, VA. William and Joane had children: Thomas, William, Grace and Elizabeth.

Roger Shackleford born 23 April 1629 in Old Alesford, Hampshire, England arrived in Gloucester, VA before 1678, probably by 1658. He is mentioned in Gloucester in 1678 when he purchases 313 acres but owned land prior to that date. He died after 1704 as he appears on the 1704 Quit Rent Roll. Roger married Mary Palmer, daughter of Edward Palmer ca 1656 in Essex, VA. Mary was born 1635 in Warwick, England. Roger and Mary had known sons: Francis, John, James, Roger, Zachariah and Henry and may have had daughters Mary, Ann, Hanna and Sarah.

Edward Palmer was born ca 1590 in England. It is known that Edward Palmer received a patent of land of 400 acres in Gloucester, VA for the transportation of eight persons into VA including a Roger Shackelford in 1658. Edward's wife is unknown. His known children are: Mary, Edward and Richard.

Roger's son, Francis Shackleford, was born in Gloucester, VA ca 1665. He married Sarah Lewis who was born in Brecon or Brecknock, Wales ca 1670. It appears Sarah came to VA with her brother, Zachary, who is noted in several records along with his sister, Sarah. Sarah and Francis married in Gloucester, VA ca 1699. They moved to Bath (later Carteret), NC ca 1710 and had the following children: John, James, Elizabeth, Roger, Mary and Sarah.

Thomas Coleman was born in 1652 in Abbington Parish of Gloucester County, VA. He died after 1705 in Gloucester County. He married Rebecca in 1679 in Abbington Parish of Gloucester, VA. Thomas was a landowner in Abington Parish of Gloucester and was listed in the 1704-1705 Rent Rolls with 250 acres.

Robert Coleman was born in the county of Essex, England in 1622. He married Elizabeth Grizzell, daughter of William Grizzell about 1650 in Rappahannock, Essex, VA. Robert Coleman died in 1689 at Tyndalls Point, Gloucester, VA. Robert arrived in America on 2 March 1648 as a headright of Thomas Symons. Robert landed in upper Norfolk County in VA and later settled near Mobjack Bay in Gloucester County, VA by 1658 whereupon he entered into a deed with Francis Carpenter for land in Westmoreland County. He made several other land purchases in Virginia.

Goochland, VA

Goochland was formed in 1727 from Henrico County.

Goochland, VA in 1817.

John/Joseph Utley Wade was born about 1739 in Goochland, VA. He married in 1763 to Alice "Ally" Woodrum. John/ Joseph died in Franklin, VA in 1798. Alice Woodrum was born in 1738 in Goochland, VA. John/Joseph and Alice had the following children: Castleton, Royal Arail, Susannah, John W., Dorothea "Dolly", Mary, Anderson and Bradley.

Casteleton Wade was born 1765 in Goochland, VA. He married in Goochland in 1787 to Judith Chancellor. Castleton died in 1825 in Franklin, VA. Judith Chancellor was the daughter of John Chancellor and Sarah Kings.

John Chancellor was born about 1740. He married Sarah Kings and had a known daughter, Judith.

John/Joseph Utley Wade was the illegitimate son of John Utley and consort Angelica Wade. John Utley was born in 1720 in Goochland, VA and died before 16 Mar 1762 in Goochland, VA. John later married Ann Lewis. Angelica Wade was the daughter of James Wade and Elizabeth possibly Ballinger. Angelica Wade was born about 1720 in Goochland, VA.

John Utley was the son of John Utley and wife Anna Unknown. John Utley was born in 1695 in Stonington, New London, CT. He died 17 May 1756 in Goochland, VA. John and wife, Anna, had known children: John and William.

John Woodrum was born about 1702 in Westover Parish. He died in 1761 in St.James Parish, Goochland, VA. John married Mary "Molly" unknown who was born about 1704 in Goochland, VA and died 4 Nov 1775 in St.James Parish, Goochland, VA. John and Mary had children: Alice "Ally", Mary, John, William, Susannah, David, Sarah and Lucy. John was the son of John Woodrum who was born in 1693 in England and died probably in Goochland, VA. John's wife is unknown as are any of his other offspring.

Thomas Hodges resided in Goochland VA until his death in March of 1750. He and his wife, Christian (Unknown) had children: Edmund, John, Drury, Thomas, William, Mary and Delaney.

John Walker resided in Goochland until his death in about 1767. John was born in 1676. He and his wife, Unknown, had children: Nephany, David, John, Martha, James, Joseph, Mary and Sary.

Halifax, VA

Located in Southside Virginia, Halifax was created 1752 from Lunenburg County. Named for British statesman, George Montagu Dunk, Earl of Halifax. At the time of its creation, it included present Pittsylvania, Patrick and Henry counties and parts of Franklin and Floyd counties. The present boundaries were established in 1766 when Pittsylvania County was created from the western portion of the county. Bounded by present day Virginia counties of Pittsylvania, Charlotte, Campbell and Mecklenburg, Halifax is also bordered by the North Carolina counties of Caswell, Person and Granville. Many Halifax families moved west after the Revolution into Tennessee counties of Davidson, Sumner, Smith, Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, Overton and Maury.

The parish of Antrim was created in 1752 simultaneous with the formation of the county and their borders were identical.

Christopher Irvine was born in 1757 probably in Bedford, VA. In 1778, in Amherst, VA, Christopher married Louisa Tucker and had the following children: Isaiah and Charles. Louisa died before 1785 when Christopher married Lucinda (Prudence) Echols, daughter of John Echols and his wife, Lucy Annah Moore. Christopher and Prudence had the following children: Christopher "Kit", John Echols, David, William, Smith, Heflin and Catherine. Christopher "Kit" Irwin was born in 1790 in Halifax, VA. He later moved to Wilkes, GA and died in Walton, GA in 1860.

Little is known of William Moore. He died in Halifax, VA in 1786. His daughter, Lucy Annah, married John Echols (ca 1736-1826).

Hanover, VA

Hanover County was formed in 1720 from New Kent County. Named for King George I of England. Hanover County was the home of Henry Clay, Patrick Henry b. 1736, Edmund Ruffin, Thomas Sumpter.

Located in the east-central Piedmont and Coastal Plain between the Chickahominy and Pamunkey Rivers, a part of the greater Richmond metropolitain area. Tobacco barges came up the Pamunkey River to Hanovertown to load and unload goods in an area which had been home to the Chickahominy and Pamunkey Indians. Patrick henry began his law career in Hanover County. He also worked at the Hanover Tavern. He lived in at least three houses across the county. One of these, Scotchtown. During the Revolution, Lord cornwallis stayed at Hanover Tavern on his way to Yorktown. Washington followed a short time later, also staying at the Tavern. Col. Tarleton and Gen. Lafayette traversed the county several times. Dolley Madison was a resident of Hanover during the same time period.

James Pulliam was born in 1640 in Hanover, VA as was his son, William. William Pulliam had the following children: James William, Benjamin and Anne.

Robert Priddy was born in 1696 possibly in Hanover, VA. He married Susannah Harlow of Hanover, VA and they had the following children: Patience, Francis, George, William, Susanna, Robert and Thomas. Robert died in 1759 in Granville, NC. Susannah Harlow may have had a brother, Micahael Harlow, of Hanover, VA. Robert's will mentions money owed him by John Jones of Lousia, VA. Robert resided in Louisa Co., VA as proven by a deed in 1743 to Robert Priddy of St.Martin's Parish.

John Sladen was born about 1680 probably in VA. He married Unknown and had the following children: Arthur, William and Abraham. John Sladen died in Hanover, VA at Slayden's Mill in St.Paul's Parish in 1720. Arthur Sladen was born in 1704 in New Kent, VA. He married Rachel Murfield, daughter of Daniel Murfield and Rachel Cocker, in 1727 in New Kent, VA. Arthur and Rachel Sladen had the following children: John, Rachel, Sarah, Martha, Benjamin, Joseph, William, Arthur and Daniel. Rachel Murfield Sladen died in 1788 in Goochland, VA. Arthur Sladen died in 1787 in Goochland, VA.

Daniel Murfield was born ca 1680. In 1708 he married Rachel Cocker in New Kent, VA. Daniel and Rachel had the following known daughter: Rachel Murfield who married Arthur Sladen.

Carr McGeehee was born in 1736 in Hanover, VA. He married Ann or Elizabeth Chiles in 1761 in Louisa, VA. Carr and Ann/Elizabeth had the rollowing children: Mary, Judith, Benjamin, Samuel, John, Ann, Carr, Elizabeth, Millicent and Charles.

Susannah Waters, wife of William Terrill of New Kent, VA, died in Hanover, VA ca 1725. She was succeeded by known son: Joel.

Stephen Terry was born about 1710 in St. Martin's Parish, Hanover, VA. The Stephen Terry who died in Craven, SC is not the same Stephen Terry born about 1710 in Hanover, VA. Stephen's wife's name is unknown. Stephen and his wife had known issue Rowland/ Roland and James. A Thomas Terry immigrated from England to America at age 25 in 1635. It is unknown whether this Thomas is related to Stephen Terry.

Rowland/ Roland Terry was born in Louisa or Hanover Co. in about 1735. He died before 1824 in Granville, NC. Rowland/ Roland's wife's name is also unknown. Rowland/ Roland and his wife had issue: John, Stephen, Mary, Sarah, James, Elizabeth, Curtis, Roland, Thomas and William. Rowland/ Roland came to Granville, NC possibly in 1766, living on land his father, Stephen, had sold he and his brother.

Henrico, VA

Henrico was the site of the second settlement in the colony of Virginia and was established in 1634 as one of eight original shires. Its boundaries incorporated an area from which ten Virginia counties were later formed as well as the cities of Richmond, Charlottesville, and Colonial Heights. The county was named for Henry, Prince of Wales, eldest son of King James I of England.

Thomas Broadnax was born in 1592 in Kent, England. In about 1614 he married Elizabeth Taylor and later married a second time to Katherine Southland. Thomas died in 1658 in Henrico, VA.

Edward Pulliam was born in 1600 in England. He came to Henrico, VA in 1633-1636 with his brother, Edmund. Edward moved to Hanover, VA and is probably where he died.

Edward Stratton married Martha Shippey, his step sister. Edward's father, Edward had married the widow Martha Shippey after the death of Edward's mother, Elizabeth Thurston. Edward was born 1655 Bermuda Hundred, Prince George, VA and died 1698 in Henrico,VA. Martha Shippey was born about 1660, daughter of Thomas Sheppey and Martha Unknown.. Edward and Martha had issue: Sarah, Martha, Prudence, Elizabeth, Annie Jennie, Mary and Edward. Edward's will was dated Aug. 27, 1698 and mentions estate both in England and Virginia. His widow married John Brown of Henrico.

Thomas Sheppey was born ca 1633 in Henrico, VA. He married Martha Unknown ca 1655 in Henrico, VA. Thomas died 1687 in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico, VA.

Thomas Sheppey is the son of Thomas Sheppey b. ca 1603 England and Elizabeth Unknown. Thomas died before 1676 in Henrico or Chesterfield, VA. The known child is Thomas.

Edward Stratton is the son of Edward Stratton b. 1633 Wiltshire, England. Edward died Dec 1698 in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico, VA. He married Elizabeth Thurston 1654 in Henrico, VA. Elizabeth was born ca 1640 possibly in VA. She died before 1676 in Henrico, VA. Children of Edward and Elizabeth are: Edward, Martha and Rebecca.

Edward Stratton is the son of Francis Stratton b. ca 1600 England and his wife, Joane Button born 30 May 1600 in Bremhill, Wiltshire, England. Francis Stratton died ca 1688 in Henrico, VA. Known child is Edward.

Thomas Chamberlayne (Chamberlain) married Elizabeth Stratton, daughter of Edward Stratton and Martha Sheppey (Shippey) in 1708 in Henrico, VA. Thomas and Martha had issue known: Elizabeth and Dorothy.

Elizabeth Chamberlayne married Henry Batte in 1729 probably in Henrico, VA. Henry Batte was born 1705 in VA. Henry and Elizabeth had a daughter known: Elizabeth. Henry died in 1770 possibly in NC.

John Batte was born ca 1606 in England. John married Martha Katherine Mallory ca 1630 probably in England. John and Martha had known sons Henry and Thomas. Henry Batte married Mary Lounds, daughter of Henry Lounds and Ann Unknown. Henry and Mary had known son: William.

Rowland/ Roland Terry was born ca 1735 in Hanover or Louisa, VA. He married Unknown. Rowland died in Granville, NC before Feb 1824. Children of Rowland are: John, Stephen, Mary, Sarah, James, Elziabeth, Curtis, Roland, Thomas and William.

Rowland/ Roland Terry is the son of Stephen Terry b. ca 1710 St.Martin's Parish, Hanover, VA. He married unknown. Stephen Terry died 1769 possibly in Craven, SC. Known children of Stephen Terry are Roland/ Rowland and James.

Amy Batte Jones is the daughter of Thomas Batte b. 1634 York, England and Mary Unknown. Thomas Batte died 1698 Henrico, VA. Thomas Batte had the following children: Amy, Thomas and Mary.

Thomas Batte is the son of John Batte who was born ca 1591 Okewell, York, England. John Batte immigrated to VA with his wife, Martha Katherine Mallory and children: Henry, Thomas, John, William and Martha. Thomas Batte drowned in the Irish Sea with his son, John.

Isle of Wight, VA

The area now known as Isle of Wight, was once home to the Worrosquoyackes tribe of Indians. This tribe gave corn to the fledgling Jamestown colony in 1608 and offered Captain Smith shelter in 1611. The tribe lived in the area now known as Fergusson's Wharf. In the western part of the county were the Nottoway Indians, who for over 100 years lived in their own territory. The first English settlement in Isle of Wight was by Captain Christopher Lawne and Sir Richard Worsley, viz. Nathaniel Basse, gentleman, John Hobson Gentleman, Anthony Olevan, Richard Wiseman, Robert Newland, Robert Gyner and William Willis. Arriving in 1619 with 100 settlers, they settled near the mouth of the creek on the south side of the James River, still known as Lawne's Creek, which, in 1642 made the dividing line between this county and Surry Co. The area was known as Lawne's Plantation. In 1625, the area was renamed to Wight Plantation, still a part of the Worrosquoyacke settlement. Many of the first settlers were of cavalier origin. Over the years, several settlements were made in the area. At midday on Good Friday, March 22, 1622 there were 1240 inhabitants in the State of Virginia. Of these, 347 would be killed by the Indians in the 80 settlements north and south sides of the James River, of which 53 were residents of the colony of the Worrosquoyacke. The Worrosquoyacke Indians were part of the attack on the setllement. In February 1623-24, a census records that there were 53 persons at "Worwicke-Sqeak" and "Basse's Choice", 23 having died since the April before. Many settlers arrived in the years following: Martha Key, wife of Thomas Key, planter; John Moon, planter and many others. Notable were the grants given to Benhamin Harrison, John Upton, and George Hardy.

In 1623 Captain Roger Smith was ordered to build a fort on the Worrosquoyacke shore, opposite Tindall Shoals. In February 1623-24, a census records that there were 53 persons at "Worwicke-Sqeak" and "Basse's Choice", 23 having died since the April before. Many settlers arrived in the years following: Martha Key, wife of Thomas Key, planter; John Moon, planter and many others. Notable were the grants given to Benhamin Harrison, John Upton, and George Hardy.

In 1634 the colony was divided into shires or counties with Lt. Colonels appointed; sheriffs, sergeants, bailiffs were elected. Ont of these counties was named Worrowsquoyacke, afterwards, Isle of Wight. A long disute arose between Isle of Wight and Nansemond over the western border which continued until 1674. In 1732 a considerable portion was added to Brunswick County and in 1748, the entire county of Southampton was carved from it. In 1635 the population of this county was 522. In 1658 the population had grown to become 2019. Ferries were established over the branches of the Pagan River in 1650.

For 100 years the principal crop was tobacco. In order to regulate the tobacco trade, warehouses were erected at prominent points in the county, notably at Fergusson's Wharf, the Rocks, Fulghams (just across the river from Smithfield), Pate's Field.

In 1667 four Dutch men-of-war came up the river and destroyed 20 vessels which were trading with Isle of Wight and other Southside counties.

Isle of Wight was prominent in the activity of Bacon's Rebellion. The county was heavy in support for Bacon and included such men as John Jennings, clerk of court; John Marshall; Ambrose Bennett, Richard Jordan, Richard Sharpe, Anthony Fulgham, James Bagnall, Edward Miller, John Davis and Richard Penny.

Arnold destroyed Revolutionary records in Washington and Tarleton in Isle of Wight but it is known that the following were in the army with Washington: Col. Josiah Parker, Maj. Francis Boykin, Capt. James Johnson, Gen. John S. Wills, Jesse Matthews, James Casey, Edward Ward, Robin Turner, Samuel McCoy, John Forrest, Henry Hill, Ben (Whalebone) Jones, and Moses Atkins. Col. Tarleton passed through the county twice at the head of a considerable British Cavalry. He committed wanton destruction carrying off slaves, cattle, horses and other property. In one of these raids, they were attacked by a body of Isle of Wight milita at a place called "Scotts Old Field" in Nansemond County and met with a defeat being driven across Milners Creek by the militia. The county bore the brunt of numerous invasions.

One of the earliest churches is "Old Brick Church" begun in 1632 by Joseph Bridger. The structure was made of bricks made of clay with a mortar of burnt oyster shell lime. The pews are of native heart pine. "Mill Swamp", the mother of the churches of the Baptist denomination. The Baptists established a house of worship known as Burleigh church in the vicinity of Mill Swamp and was served by Rev.Robert Wooden in 1714. In 1727 Caspar Mints and Richard Jones came from England, the latter being the pastor for over 30 years.After a creer of 43 years the church became extinct. In 1772, Rev.John Meglamore from Raccoon Swamp, now Antioch Church, Sussex county preached and in 1774 a baptist church was organized with David Barrow as pastor and was known as "The Church in Isle of Wight" or "David Barrow's Church". In 1750 an Episcopalian church was formed, Isle of Wight chapel. Strong Quaker following from early date... large meeting house known as "Leevy Neck". They were not subject to strict enforcement of the non-conformity laws and met when and where they wished. Their meeting house was licensed in 1699.

In 1625 Benjamin Sims donated funds for the first free school in America. In 1635 Captain John Moore bequeathed funds for the overseer of the poor money and cattle for the clothing and schooling of poor children. In 1668 Henry King bequeathed funds for maintenance of a free school. In 1719 Rev.Thomas Bailey stated "There are 400 families in my parish and four small free schools taught by a Mr.Hunt, Mr.Irons, Mr.Gills and Mr.Reynolds.In 1753 Mrs.Elizabeth Smith, wife of Arthur Smith, who incorporated the town of Smithfield, purchased a lot and had a school built upon it to provide for the education of poor orphaned children

A Brief History of Isle of Wight County ca 1907 by Col. E.M.Morrison

Matthew Strickland b. 1624 Westmoreland, England, married Elizabeth Loreen about 1649 in England. They came to the Isle of Wight, VA in the mid to late 1670's, perhaps passing through Maryland. He received a land grant in Isle of Wight in 1678 of 902 acres and in 1689 for another acreage. Matthew and Elizabeth had children: John b. 1651, Samuel b.c.1657, William b. c. 1659, Matthew b.c. 1663 and Joseph b.c.1664.

Edward Boykin also lived in the Isle of Wight. He was born in Kent. England in 1650 and married about 1675 in Isle of Wight, VA to Ann Gwaltney. He died in Isle of Wight in 1725/1728. Edward and Ann had the following children: William 1677, Edward 1676, John, Thomas, and Mary.

Elizabeth Bryant was born about 1685 probably in Isle of Wight, VA. She married William Boykin, son of Edward. Her parents are unknown but were possibly John Bryan of the Isle of Wight, VA.

Robert Flake was born about 1622 in England. He married Katherine. He died in 1695 in Isle of Wight, VA. Robert and Katherine had the following children: Robert, Susannah, Mary, Katherine, Elizabeth. Their son, Robert married Margaret Marriott and had the following children: Elizabeth, Katherine, Mary and Robert.

Rev. Robert Bracewell was born in London, England in 1613. He married about 1638 in Isle of Wight, VA to a lady whose name is unknown. They had the following children: Robert, Eley, Richard, Jane, Rebecca, Ann. Rev. Robert Bracewell died in 1666/67 in either Isle of Wight, VA. His son, Robert Eley Bracewell was born in 1650 in Isle of Wight, VA and married a lady whose name is unknown. He had the following children: Ann, James B., Richard, William B., and Elizabeth. Robert Eley died in 1702 in Isle of Wight, VA.

Captain Anthony Fulgham/Foljambe was born about 1600 in Derbyshire, England. Anthony Fulgham is the son of Hercules Foljambe of Walton Hall in Derbyshire, England and Sarah Hardwick/Hardwiche. It is possible that he came to Virginia from Barbados. He married Martha whose surname is unknown. Anthony and Martha had the following children: Michael, Anthony, Nicholas, John, and Sarah.He died in 1660 in Isle of Wight, VA. John Fulghum was born about 1640 and in 1655 married Anne Parnell in Isle of Wight, VA. John died in 1705 at sea on his way back to VA from England. John and Anne had the following children: Anthony, Elizabeth, Martha, Michael, Edmund, Mary, and John. John Fulgham was born in 1660 in the Isle of Wight and married unknown and had the following children: Anthony, Jesse, James, Michael and John. This John died in the Isle of Wight in 1729. John was born in 1725 in the Isle of Wight and married Mary Pearsall/Purcell in 1745. John died in the Isle of Wight in 1782. John and Mary had the following children: Michael, Edmond, Josiah, Patience, Martha, Ann and John. Michael Fulgham was born in 1745 in the Isle of Wight. He married Mary Unknown in 1766 in the Isle of Wight. Mary's maiden name may have been Rayford. Michael moved his family to Northampton, NC where he died in 1807. Michael and Mary had the following children: Elias, Matthew, John Rayford, Nancy, Unnamed, Polly, Anthony and Edmond. The Fulgham name is well known and of long history in the Isle of Wight.

A William Parnell came to York County, VA in 1651 and could have possibly been Anne's father. This Parnell line might be connected with Anne Parnell who married John Fulgham in 1655.

In 1659 John Ballard came to Isle of Wight, VA as an indentured servant bound to John Brian for a period of six years.. He is first mentioned in a land grant in VA in 1673 as noted by Cavaliers and Pioneers, Vol. II p. 130 in which he mentions his wife, Besheba and sons John and Joseph. John was born in 1639 in Bitton, Gloucester, England. He married Elizabeth Besheba ca 1670 in Isle of Wight or Nansemond Co., VA. Together John and Elizabeth had two known sons: Joseph and John and two suspected sons: Peter and Ralph. All the children of John and Elizabeth are not known. John died in 1704 in either Nansemond or Isle of Wight, VA. Elizabeth died shortly before him around 1700.

Joseph Ballard, son of John and Elizabeth, was born ca 1673 in Isle of Wight or Nansemond, VA. He moved to Chowan, NC where he marrired Anne Unknown in 1700.

James City, VA

James City was formed in 1634 and was one of the original counties encompassing the area of Jamestown.

Richard Pace was born about 1590 in Stepney Parish, London, England. He married Isabelle Smyth at Stepney Parish, London England about 1610. Richard and Isabelle arrived to Jamestown in 1611 on the ship "Marmaduke" and were given a land grant in 1620 across from Jamestown known as Pace's Paines. Please see Jamestown for more information on this historical family. Richard and Isabelle had one child: George Pace. George Pace was born in 1609 in Jamestown, VA. He married in Jamestown in 1637 to Sarah Macock, daughter of Samuel Macock. George and Sarah had the following children

Walter Chiles was born in 1607/8 in Somerset, England. He married Elizabeth Sanders in 1630 in Somerset, England. He died in Jamestown in ca 1671. Walter and Elizabeth had children: Walter and William.

Walter Chiles was born in 1630 in Avon, England. He married Mary Page, daughter of John Page and Alice Lucklin, in 1663 in Jamestown. He died in 1671 in Jamestown. Walter and Mary had children: John and Elizabeth.

John Coker was born around 1600 in Somersetshire, England. He was in Jamestown for the 1624 census. He married Dorothea Bishopp who was probably born in England. John died in James City in 1655. John and Dorothea had the following children: John, Ann, Flower and William.

King and Queen, VA

Formed in 1691 from New Kent County, King and Queen county was named for King William III and Queen Mary. Located in the Middle Peninsula of Tidewater Virginia close to the Mattaponi River. The county lies north of the Pamunkey River with its western boundary at the heads of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers. William Leigh and Joshua Storey were elected as the first Burgess representatives. Edmund Tunstall deeded land for the county Court House. By 1700 the population of King and Queen County was 4,206, one of the most populous in Virginia. Tobacco production made it also one of the wealthiest. The county was home of Robert Beverley and John Baylor.

In 1721 Spottsylvania was created from the western frontiers of King and Queen, Essex and King William Counties. In 1728 Caroline County was created from the northwestern part of King and Queen County. In 1758 Donald Robertson opened a private school in Newtown which he operated until his death in 1773. One of the finest private schools in Virginia and alma mater of James Madison as well as many others. In 1775 Patrick Henry led a volunteer troop to Laneville in King and Queen County, home of Richard Corbin, Receiver General of Virginia, to demand payment for gunpowder removed from Williamsburg. Mrs. Corbin met the troops with information that her husband was not at home.

John Echols was born ca 1736 in King and Queen Co., VA. He married Lucy Annah Moore (daughter of William Moore), in Lunenburg, VA in 1760. They moved to Georgia and had the following children: Lucinda (Prudence), Lydia, Samuel M., John, Lucy Ann, Temperance, Patsy, Caty and James.

King William Co., VA

King William County was formed in 1702 from King and Queen County.

Thomas Bastrop was born in 1635 in England. He probably died in King William, VA. He had a daughter, Ann, who married James/William Mackgahye below.

James/William Mackgahye was born in 1618 in Scotland. The surname was originally MacGregor but as the MacGregor Clann was outlawed in Scotland, James changed the name to Mackgayhe in order to avoid confrontation with British soldiers. James married Anne Bastrop who was born in Kent, England in 1664. James settled in King William Co., VA and had children: Thomas and William.

Thomas MackGehee was born in 1659 in LochKarine, Scotland, He married unknown. Thomas died about July 1727 in King William, VA. Thomas and Ann had the following children: Dinah, Abraham, Jacob, Samuel, Sarah, Anna, Mary and William. Thomas owned land in New Kent as early in 1689 in St.Peter's Parish. In 1702 Thomas petitioned for 256 acres in Pamunkey Neck in King William County. This patent was for transporting six persons into the Colony. In 1703 Thomas purchased 110 acres from William Glover in King William County. This land was further up river at Harrison Creek. The Quit Rent Rolls of 1704 for King William list Thomas MackGehee with 250 acres. Thomas's will was dated 27 July 1727 in St.John's Parish of King William County. He mentions son, William, daughter Dinah and her husband Joseph Lipscomb; son Abraham; sons Jacob and Samuel; daughter, Sarah; son Edward; daughter Mary Dickson.

Thomas Carr was born in 1646 in Yorkshire, England. He married Mary Garland, daughter of Peter Garland, and was born 1654 in Suffolk, MA. Thomas Carr died in King William, VA in Nov 1711. Thomas and Mary had the following children: Thomas.

Cornelius D'Aubigne-Dabney was born in 1640 in France. He married Susan who was born about 1650 in England. Cornelius died before 1701 in King William. His wife, Susan died in 1748 in King William. Cornelius and Susan had known issue: Mary. Mary was born probably in King William and married Thomas Carr who was born in Spotsylvania, VA and died in Louisa or Albemarle, VA.

Mary Carr, daughter of Thomas Carr and Mary Dabney was born in King William, VA in 1704. She married William McGehee of New Kent, VA ca 1720 and together, with their family, they moved to Granville, NC. See New Kent, VA.

Thomas Dabney was born in 1639 in France. He died probably in Prince William Co., VA in 1737. Thomas had the following son: Cornelius Dabney was born in 1640 in France. He married Susan unknown, probably in France. Cornielius and Susan had the following known child: Mary, who married Thomas Carr. See Spotsylvania, VA.

Loudoun, VA

A part of Northern Neck Virginia, settlement in Loudoun began about 1725 by colonists from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland. The lower Loudoun was settled by eastern Virginia Cavaliers who utilitzed the rich soil for large tobacco plantations. Early settlers in Loudoun included new arrivals into the American colonies: Quakers, Germans, Irish and Scot-Irish who began settlements in the Catoctin Mountain area. Between 1745-1750, Pennsylvania and Maryland Germans began to establish settlements. Following the defeat of the French at Fort Duquesne in 1755, refugees from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia began settlements in the Catoctin region.

Settlers in the county of Loudoun held a meeting in 1774 and established the Loudoun Resolves, a document establishing the rights and liberties of colonists in North America. During the war of 1812, Loudoun sheltered the President and the government's state papers while Washington found itself threatened by the British.

Louisa, VA

Louisa County was formed in 1742 from Hanover County. The county was created from Hanover County and was named for Princess Louisa, youngest daughter of King George I.

Originally the county of Louisa was the home of elk, wolves and bears along with the Monasiccapanoe/ Monacan Indian tribe but by 1700 these original inhabitants had left the area, opening it to settlement. The area's late settlement was due to its location in an interior landlocked area of the Piedmont in Virginia and was very difficult to reach.

Louisa became the Anglican parish of Fredericksville, which encompassed most of the county.

Because of the difficulty in travel and in shipping goods to Louisa, the homes consisted of small wooden structures Local mills and merchants provided goods to the settlers in the area.

Louisa was to become home to some of the great men of history including Patrick Henry, who represented Louisa in the house 1765-1768. Dabney Carr was also a resident of Louisa.

Thomas Carr and wife Mary Dabney were probably married in Louisa, VA in 1704. Mary Dabney was born in 1688 in VA. Thomas Carr died in Louisa, VA in 1727. Thomas and Mary had the following known children: Mary and John. See Spotsylvania.

Lunenburg, VA

Lunenburg County was formed in 1746 from Bruswick County.

John Echols was born in 1650 in England. He moved to VA where he married Mary Cave (daughter of John Cave and Elizabeth Travers) in 1688 in Caroline, VA. John and Mary had the following children: Richard, Mary Eleanor, Joseph, Elizabeth, Anne, William, John, Abraham, Moses and Richard. John died in Lunenburg in 1712. Mary died in 1761 having lived to the age of 91. Richard Echols was born in 1706 in Lunenburg?, VA. He married Catherine "Caty" Evans (daughter of Walter Evans and Betsy Holcomb) ca 1724. By 1736, John and his wife are in King and Queen, VA. John and Caty had the following children: John, Drucilla, Moses, Benjamin, Obediah, James, Mary, Joseph, Sally, Anna, and Elizabeth.

John Echols was born ca 1736 in King and Queen, VA. He married in 1760 in Lunenburg, VA to Lucy Annah Moore, daughter of William Moore. John Echols and his wife, Lucy, moved to GA where Lucy died in 1816. John died ca 1826 in Madison, AL.

Middlesex, VA

Middlesex County was formed in 1673 from Lancaster County.

John Cheadle was born ca 1665 in Middlesex, VA. He married in 1688 to Millicent Hughs or Hughes who was born ca 1668 in Middlesex, VA. John Cheadle died before 1713 in Middlesex, VA. His wife, Millicent died before 1707 in Middlesex, VA. John and Millicent had the following known child: John.

John Cheadle was born in 1691 in Middlesex, VA. He married Lettice Southern in 1713 in Middlesex, VA. John and Lettice had the following known child: Ann.

John Southern was born ca 1665 in Middlesex, VA. He married Catherine Unknown ca 1690 in Middlesex, VA. John died in Middlesex, VA in 1728. His wife Catherine died in Middlesex, VA in 1715. John and Catherine had a known daughter, Lettice.

New Kent, VA

"New Kent County named for county of Kent in England. William Claiborne, a native of Kent who had been driven from Kent Island by Lord Baltimore, was a prominent resident of the New Kent area when the county was formed. The county was formed in 1654 and reduced in size in 1691 with the formation of King and Queen County.

In 1644 the county was settled. Prior to settlement the region was a thriving confederacy of Indian tribes ruled over by Chief Powhatan and later his brother, Opechannough. First encountered by Captain John Smith who discovered Moysenec, a settlement of the Chickahominy tribe. Settlers in the area were included in the Indian massacres of 1622 and 1644.

George and Martha Washington frequently visited the area attending services at St.Peter's Church built in 1701. Rev. David Mossom, the pastor, baptized Martha and presided over her wedding to George Washington.

Land grants to the early setlers along the rivers led to large plantations and grand estates. New Kent once formed part of the Charles River County, one of eight original shires in Virginia formed in 1634. Originally including part or all of the present day counties of King and Queen, King William, Spotsylvania, and Hanover, the modern borders took place in 1766 through exchange of land with James City County. Brick House founded in 1680 was the first town in New Kent. At the time of Bacon's Rebellion 1676, Brick House was already a town of importance. The County Clerk, Thomas Hall was a supporter of Bacon and was hung for his participation in the rebellion.

In 1748 Cumberland, a colonial town on the south side of the Pamunkey River almost replaced Williamsburg as the capital of Virginia after the Capital building in Williamsburg was burned. The village of New Kent has been the County seat since 1691. Providence Forge was one of the earliesst settlements, destroyed by Banister Tarleton in the Revolution.

St. Peter's Church at Talleysville was established in 1678 and built in 1701. It was enlared in 1740 and in the 1760's a north wing was added. Martha Dandridge Custis worshiped here at the time of her marriage to George Washington. New Kent's roads, leading from Richmond to Williamsburg are among America's oldest.

In 1781, General Washington and General Rochambeau marched through New Kent en route to victory at Yorktown. In February of 1781, the Marquis de Lafayette, under orders from Washington, marched through New Kent to face British forces under the command of Benedict Arnold, arriving to find the much larger forces of Cornwallis. Lafayette managed to avoid defeat, while at the same time, pushing Cornwallis's troops to Yorktown. In the summer of 1781, a slave on the William Armistead farm in New Kent, James, served Lafayette as a spy in the British forces, relaying information about the British movements to Lafayette and to Washington. James, was freed in 1787 in recognition of his bravery and service. He later changed his name to James Lafayette and established his own farm in New Kent."

New Kent is the birthplace of Martha Dandridge, later to become First Lady, having married George Washington.

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Abram Martin was born in 1642 in Galway, Ireland. He married Rebecca Bell, perhaps in Ireland. He died in 1711 in New Kent, VA.

James Sandridge was born in 1620 in England. He died after 1707 in New Kent, VA. James' son, John was born in 1666 in England. He married about 1690 in New Kent, VA to Mary Vaughn. He died in 1708 in New Kent, VA.

Captain Robert Priddy was born in Somerset, England and was in Priddy's Quarter, Lunenburg, VA by 1650. Captain Robert Priddy served in the Indian War and was a tobacco planter. He served in the British Navy. He purchased 337 acres in York, VA in 1653 and 400 acres in New Kent, VA in 1655. His children were: Nicholas, Daniel and a daughter. Nicholas, son of Captain Robert Priddy, married and had the following children: John, William, George, Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah and Robert. Another source states that Robert Priddy arrived in 1654 in Gloucester, VA, sponsored by Capt.John Werst, Esq. of New Kent, VA.

Richard Izard perhaps lived in New Kent, VA.

William McGeehee was born in 1689 in New Kent, VA. He married about 1720 to Mary Carr who was born in 1704 in King William, VA. William and Mary had the following children: Carr, John, Ann, Mary and James. William moved his family to Granville, NC where he died 22 October 1774.

John Chiles was born in 1668 in New Kent, VA.John Chiles was the son of Walter Chiles and Mary Page of Jamestown, VA. He married ca 1690 to Mary Boucher of Caroline, VA. John Chiles died in 1723 in Spotsylvania, VA. John and Mary had the following known son: Micajah.

William Terrill was born in 1629 in Berkshire, England. He married Susannah Waters, daughter of Edward Waters and wife, Grace O'Neill. Susannah was born in ca 1630 in London, England. William and Susannah were married in 1671 in New Kent, VA. William Terrill died in New Kent, VA in 1729. William and Susannah had known child: Joel.

Joel Terrill was born ca 1692 in New Kent, VA. He married in King William, VA in 1716/18 to Sarah Elizabeth Oxford who was born ca 1698 in New Kent, VA. Joel died in 1758 in Hanover, VA. Joel and Sarah had known child: Ann Elizabeth.

Northumberland, VA

Northumberland County was formed in 1645 from the Chickacoan District.

Thomas Keene was born about 1593 in England. He married Mary Thorley, probably in VA. Thomas died in 1652 in Northumberland, VA.

Stephen Wells was born about 1652 and married in 1677 in Richmond, VA to Alice Howard. Stephen died in 1712 in Northumberland, VA.

Orange County, VA

Orange County was formed in 1734 and named in honor of William IV, Prince of Orange and husband of Anne, Princess Royal of England.

Orange County was the largest Virginia County ever formed and covered territory extending to the Mississippi River and to the Great Lakes. Over the years, its boundaries have been greatly reduced to its present length of 37 miles and a width of a maxium of 16 miles.

Lt.Governor Alexander Spotswood took charge of the Virginia colony in 1710 having been sent from England. In 1714, Spotswood encouraged settlement by German immigrants on the banks of the Rapidan River in what later became Orange County. He built a large, poalatial home in the area for himslef called "Germanna". This mansion would later become known as "Enchanted Castle", a name given to it by William Byrd of "Westover".

The Germanic settlement of German miners in the area was spurred by the discovery of iron and German miners and their families eagerly settled into the area.

Spotswood, in 1716, led an expedition westward over the Blue Ridge Mountains in order to prove that the mountains were passable and led to rich lands beyond. Those persons who accompanied Spotswood on this expedtion were known as "Knights of the Golden Horseshoe", many of whom became noted persons in Virginia history.

During the Revolution, little action occurred in Orange County save for a British raid upon the present-day Antioch Church area. Lafayette also marched through the county and his route is now known as the "Marquis Road". Soldiers recruited from this county were initially a part of the Culpepper Minute Men and they fought at the Battle of Great Bridge, the first revolutionary battle fought in Virginia. Shortly therefter, the Minute Men were discharged whereupon most soon became a part of the Continental Line or of the local militia.

Orange County is noted as the home of President James Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland. President Monroe and his wife, Elizabeth Kortright of New York City, made their home at Ash-Lawn Highland, where they lived following leaving their twenty-four year residence at Highland in Albemarle County.

New Kent is also home to other presidents, including Thomas Jefferson, who made his home at Monticello and James Madison, whose home was Montpelier.

Madison was prominent in the drafting and ratification of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Madison held a conference in Orange County with the Baptist Elder, John Leland and that meeting established the language of the First Amenendment.

Prince George, VA

Prince George County was formed in 1703 from Charles City County.

In 1608, Captain John Smith sailed up the Potomac River and was the first white man to set foot in what later became Prince George county. In that time, two Indian tribes lived in the county: the Piscataways and the Susquehannocks.

Smith made no settlement in Prince George County but merely explored the area. English traders made frequent visits to the Indians in the area but significant contact was not made until 1634 when Marylanders led by Maryland Governor Leonard Calvert, established a settlement, St.Mary's City, the first settlement of Maryland. The settlement was so successful that other settlements were soon established along the rivers Patuxent and Potomac.

At that time, the area was part of Calvert County, Maryland and Charles County, Virginia. With a population of 1,600 or 1,700 people by

John Poythress was born 1625/38 probably in Charles City, VA. He married Mary Batte and they had the following children: Rebecca, Thomas, and Francis. John died in 1724 in Prince George, VA.

Robert A. Abernathy was born in 1635 in Scotland.Robert arrived in VA in 1652 after the Battle of Dunbar. He was indentured to Roger Tilghman. He married in Bristol Parish, Prince George, VA to Sarah Cabiggo or Cubisha, daughterof John Cubisha and Jane Bell. Robert died in 1685 in Prince George, VA. Robert and Sarah had a son, Robert who was born in 1660 in Prince George, VA. He married about 1685 to Christine Tilghman. It is possible that Robert A. Abernathy came to America as an indenture to Christine's father, Roger Tilghman/Tilman. Robert and Sarah had the following children: Robert, Ann, Mary, John, David, Elizabeth, William and Miles. Robert died in 1685 in Prince George, VA.

Miles Abernathy, son of Robert Abernathy b. 1695 in Charles City County, and Mary Howell or Harwell, was born in 1750 in Prince George, VA. He married about 1775 in NC to Sarah Ann Jones, daughter of Richard Jones and Elizabeth Batte. Sarah was born in Amelin, VA.Miles and Sarah had the following children: "Big" John D., Battee, Jones, Elizabeth, Carlene, Robert and Miles. Miles died in Tryon, NC in 1789.

William Thompson was born ca 1695 possibly in VA. He married Susanna Unknown and they had one known daughter, Mary Thompson.

Captain Richard Jones was born in 1660 in Bristol Parish, Prince George, VA. He married Amy Batte, daughter of Thomas and Mary Batte. Richard and Amy had a known son, Richard. Richard Jones died in Prince George, VA in 1747. A Richard Jones of Elizabeth City was shown in the Jamestown census of 1624 following the massacre and could be the father of Captain Richard Jones.

Col.Richard Jones was born 1692 probably in Prince George, VA. He married Sarah Stratton, daughter of Edward Stratton, before 1718 probably in Prince George, VA. Sarah and Richard Jones had children: Richard, Elizabeth, Amey and Edward. Richard Jones died in Amelia Co., VA in 1759.

Edward Stratton was born in 1681 in Prince George, VA. He married Martha Shippey ca 1677. Edward and Martha had issue: Sarah, Martha, Prudence, Elizabeth, Annie Jennie, Mary and Edward. Edward Stratton died 1730/31 probably in Prince George, VA.

William Batte b. ca 1681 married Mary Stratton, daughter of Edward Stratton and Martha Sheppey (Shippey). William and Mary had issue known: Henry. William Batte died in 1734 in Prince George, VA.

William Batte is the son of Captain Henry Batte b. ca 1640 Yorkshire, England. Henry married Mary Lounde ca 1665 in VA. Henry died before 2 July 1708 in Prince George, VA. Children of Henry and Mary Lound include: William, Elizabeth, Mary, Anne, Rachel, Sarah and Henry.

Richard Jones b. 1718 Prince George married Elizabeth Batte b. 1729 Amelia, VA. Richard died in Amelia, VA in 1778. Children of Richard Jones and Elizabeth Batte are: Sarah Ann, Amy, Elizabeth, Rachel, Thomas, William and Richard.

Richard Jones is the son of Colonel Richard Jones b. 1692 probably Prince George, VA. Col.Jones died in 1759 in Amelia, VA. He married Sarah Stratton b. 1694 Prince George, VA and died ca 1725 Prince George, VA. Col.Jones' and Sarah's children are: Richard, Elizabeth, Amey and Edward.

Col. Richard Jones is the son of Captain Richard Jones b. 1660 Bristol Parish, Prince George, VA. Captain Jones died in 1747 in VA. Capt.Jones married Amy Batte b. ca 1665 probably Henrico, VA. Known child of Capt.Richard Jones and Amy is: Richard.

Prince William, VA

Prince William County formed in 1730 from Stafford and King George and named for William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, second son of George II.. Prince William County Territory included the areas of Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Loudoun and Fauquier and was reduced to its present size in 1759. Its first courthouse was built in 1731 on the south bank of the Occoquan at Woodbridge and was relocated five times, finally resting in Manassas. In 1749 the town of Dumfries became the first town of the county and became a major port rivaling Alexandria, Baltimore and New York in tonnage shipped. The town reached its peak in the 1760's and in 1762 became the capital seat of the county, which it remained for the next 60 years. The county's principal product was tobacco. Just east of Dumfries was land patented by John Graham (1711-1787), who came to VA from Scotland about 1733. Sixty acres of Graham's plantation was taken in 1749 to form the town of Dumfries. Graham was the county clerk of Dumfries and a successful merchant.

The Potomac Path or King's Highway became a major transportation route linking the northern and southern colonies. Lafayette, Washington and Rochambeau were travelers on this road stopping at the Woodbridge Plantation of George Mason; Rippon Lodge, home of Col. Richard Blackburn and the Stagecoach Inn at the port of Dumfries Henry Lee III, known as "Light Horse Henry" and the father of Gen. Robert E. Lee, lived just north of Dumfries on the Leesylvania Plantation which was patented in 1658.

The Potomac Path followed an ancient Indian trail and was later known as the King's Highway. It was of great importance for overland travel in the early days of the Republic. Washington and Rochambeau traveled this route to Yorktown in 1781 as did the French Army on its return the following year. Ripon Lodge built in 1725 by Col. Richard Blackburn stands nearby. The citizens of Prince William assembled at Dumfries on June 6, 1774 and adopted the Prince William County Resolves. Later, that same year, the first companies of Minutemen in VA was organized with William Grayson, a native son, playing a primary role in securing Virginia's ratification of the Constitution.

Neabsco Creek was the site of a fort built in 1679 and the site of the burial of Rose Peters in 1690. Iron mining began here as early as 1734. Remains of a colonial furnace, foundry, and mill have been discovered. The Neabsco Iron Foundry was located near Leesylvania and served to equip the Commonwealth's militia during the Revolution.

In 1608 Captain Smith found the "King's House" of the Dog Indians in present Prince William County. In 1729, "King" T.M.Carter built a landing on that spot to ship copper ore and a town of Colchester was established there in 1753. Early land patents were received by Thomas Burbage who obtained 3,000 acres between the Occoquan and Neabsco Creek known as Burbage's Neck. The land later passed to Martin Scarlet who died in 1695, a pioneer settler and member of Burgess. George Mason II gained 534 acres of Occoquan River frontage including a ferry landing and the site of the first Prince William Courthouse.

In 1664 the county of Stafford was formed from Westmoreland. Earliest land patents for the area of Quantico date to 1654. Great plantations "Dipple" and "Berea" were built nearby. Virginia Naval elemets were based in this vicinity during the Revolutionary War. A charter was enacted in 1788 for the town of Carborough. Alexander Henderson, colonial merchant, born in Glasgow, Scotland 1738 came to Colchester in 1756. He later moved to Dumries in 1787. He died in 1815 and is buried there with his wife Sarah Moore Henderson (1751-1816). Nearby was the "Belle Air" plantation. William Grayson, lawyer, member of the Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention organized the county's first revolutionary militia unit in 1774. He commanded a Virginia regiment and served as Aide-de-Camp to Washington.

Tackett's Mill where on March 11, 1748, Washington and George William Fairfax crossed the Occoquan above the falls near here. Washington to enter the sevice of Lord Fairfax and Fairfax to meet his constituents in Frederick County. By evening the reached Nevil's Ordinary on the south fork of the Dumfries Road.

The town of Occoquan became prosperous when John Beallendine built his dwelling "Rockledge" in 1758. By 1765 it was a thirving industrial settlement with grist mills, foundry and tobacco warehouses. Neabsco Mills Ironworks operated under three generations of the Taloe family of Richmond County betweek 1737 and 1828. The 5,000 acre plantation was worked by resident free laborers, indentured servants, and slaves. The workers produced pig and bar iron for sale at home and export to Great Britain and also engaged in shipbuilding, milling, leatherworking, shoemaking and farming. The complex was important during the Revolution.

The Carolina Road was created from an Iroquiois Indian hunting path abandoned by the Indians in 1772, and derived its name from trade between Frederick, Maryland and Georgia. Later the road was used by settlers emigrating to western lands. Because of the notorious gangs of thieves besetting travelers the road was also known as Rogue's Road. Its most famous traveler was Lafayette who rode triumphantly by here 24 August 1825 on his way to Oakhill, home of ex-President Monroe. Nearby Burnside, Waverly, Mill Park, Mt.Atlas, Evergreen, Snow Hill and other plantations formed from the huge Carter Bull Run tract were served by the Carolina Road. The Dumfries Road was a major trade route between the Potomac and the Shenandoah Valley before 1740.

James Sturdy was in Virginia by 1650. His sons were Robert and William. Robert was born about 1695 and married Elizabeth whose maiden name is unknown. Robert and Elizabeth had children: Margaret, Johanna, and William. Robert died about 1748 in Prince William, VA.

Richmond Co., VA

Richmond County was formed in 1692 from "Old Rappahannock".

Stephen Wells was born about 1652 and married the widow, Elizabeth Williams Settle about 1677 in Richmond, VA. They had children: Elizabeth, Stephen, Thomas and Absalom. Stephen died in 1723 in Richmond, VA. 

Rice Williams was born about 1620 probably in James City, VA. He married about 1650 to Mary whose maiden name is unknown. He died about 1700 in Richmond, VA. A Rice Williams is listed in the Muster of Inhabitants 1623/24 for Jamestown as Rice Williams/AP (the AP is for the Welsh language split between B and P. The name could have originally been Bryce or Price).

Henry Howard was born about 1620. He was brought to Virginia in 1664 by Richard White of Richmond, VA.

Raleigh/Rawleigh Travers was born ca 1630. He married Elizabeth Unknown and had the following children: Giles, John, Rawleigh, Million and Elizabeth. Raleigh is first recorded in Virginia history when he purchased 300 acres on the south side of the Rappa River on 8 Mar 1653. On 6 Dec 1653 he received a POA from Tho Paine to sue Moore Fauntleroy. On 5 Feb 1654/55 in Lancaster Co. Virginia Nich. Forman was to view Mr.Raleigh Traver's tobacco house and report. On 19 April 1655 in Lancaster Co., VA Tho. Purifye sold Raughley Travers 650 acres. On 24 October 1665 in Westmoreland, VA Raleigh Travers purchased 3,650 acres; 3350 acres on the south side of the Potomac River and 300 acres upon the head of a branch of Potomac Creek. In 1667 in Lancaster, VA John Carpenter and his wife, Mary, sold 500 acres called Fairweather to Raleigh Travers. In March 1669 in Lancaster, VA, Rawleigh Travers sold to John Chinn a quarter part of the mill lying at the head of Morratico Creek. Signed by Ra.Travers and Elizabeth Travers. On 11 May 1670 in Lancaster Co., VA, POA to cousin Will Travers re mill sold to John Chinn. Rawleigh Travers died in 1670 in Richmond, VA.

Spotsylvania, VA

Spotsylvania County was formed in 1721 from the counties of Essex, King and Queen and King William.

Thomas Carr, son of Thomas Carr and Mary Garland of King William, VA, was born 1678 in Spotsylvania, VA. He married Mary Dabney in 1704 in either King William or Louisa, VA. Thomas and Mary had the following children: Mary and John. See Louisa, VA.

Stafford, VA

Stafford County was formed in 1664 from Westmoreland County.

Thomas Keene was born about 1593 in England. He married Mary Thorley, probably in Virginia. Thomas died in 1652 in Northumberland, VA.

Thomas Garner was born in 1668 in Stafford, VA and married about 1690 to Mary Bushnell. They had children: John, Thomas, Vincent, Charles, James and Parish. Thomas died in 1726 in Stafford, VA.

Charles Bushnell was born about 1640, possibly in Stafford, VA. It is possible that he is a descendant of John Bushnell of Elizabeth City, VA who is in the Jamestown census of 1624. 

Edward Thorley was born about 1575 in England and possibly died in Stafford, VA.

Giles Travers, son of Raleigh/Rawleigh Travers was born ca 1662 possibly in Lancaster, VA. He married ca 1687 Ann Waugh and they had issue: Elizabeth, Ann and Million. Giles Travers died in Stafford, VA in 1717.

The Reverend John Waugh was born ca 1630 in Scattergate, England. He married ca 1655 Elizabeth Unknown. Rev.Waugh and Elizabeth had the following children: Ann, Joseph, John, Elizabeth, Alexander, Richard and David. The Reverend Waugh was a minister in Overwharton parish in Stafford, VA. He lived for a time in Northumberland, VA. Rev.Waugh died in Stafford, VA in 1706.

John Cave was born ca 1640 in England, the son of Samuel Cave and Rachel Kellogg. He was an importer of fine wines. He owned land in Stafford County. He married 1) Unknown Andrews, daughter of George Andrews and had issue: John (this John died in 1749 without issue) and David. He married 2) Elizabeth Travers and had known issue: Mary. It is also possible that John Cave was the father of William Cave who died in 1742 of Stafford County as David released the land which reverted to him upon his brother John's death to Keene Withers who was married to this William Cave's daughter as this William Cave had died prior to 1748. In 1707 John Cave of King and Queen County, a carpenter, purchased from Sampson Darrell of Gloucester Co. 300 acres in Stafford County on the south side of Potomack Creek and bordering the lands of John Gorvey, Thomas Gregg, William Waught, and Giles Travers. John Cave along with John Echols paid for the transportation of many others to America. In 1721 the will of John Cave was proven at Stafford. The will was written in 1714 and devised 200 acres of land to his son John Cave but was reverted to David Cave and his wife Sarah in Orange County, VA. John Cave lived in Overwharton Parish.Other Cave's in Stafford, Spotsylvania and later Orange and Culpepper Counties who may have been sons of John Cave were: Benjamin, Robert, Thomas and Joseph. David, Benjamin and Robert were closely associated with one another in the public records between 1720 and 1750 and gave sons these names. David named sons: David, Benjamin and Robert. Benjamin named sons: Benjamin, John, William and David. Robert named sons: Robert, John and William. A chart for the family assembled by English genealogist, Tyrell, shows Benjamin as the immigrant of Rev.William Cave of Windsor, Chaplain to Charles II, and his wife Anna Stonehouse. Rev. William Cave's will was cited in support. The will mentions daughters, a grandson, a deceased son Ralph, but no mention of Benjamin nor any living son. Anna Stonehouse Cave died in 1691. Benjamin's depositon in 1758 states his birth in 1703. John Cave (ca 1640-1720) may not have been the immigrant. There were earlier Cave's who could have been a prior generation.

William Griffin Turner was born in Stafford, VA about 1750. He married Nancy Brasher (Brazier), daughter of William Brasher (Brazier) of Hartford, MD, about 1775. William Griffin Turner immigrated to Greenville, SC where he and Nancy had the following children: Martha Ann "Anny", Joseph Turner, William G., Mary "Polly", Frances, Elizabeth "Betsy", John, Deliah, Sally, and Judith "Judey". William Griffin Turner's parents are unknown at this time.

William Smitherman was born in Stafford, VA in 1753/58. He married Anna Unknown. William died in Bibb, AL in 1821/2. Children of William and Anna are: John W., William, Thomas, Samuel W., Jesse, Joseph, Andrew L. and Sarah.

William Smitherman is the son of Samuel Smitherman who was born 28 April 1723 in Borough of Whitechapel, London, England. Samuel married Sarah Unknown ca 1748 in England?. Samuel died probably in Stafford, VA before 1790. He arrived in VA as an indentured servant and became a farmer. Children of Samuel and Sarah are: William, Thomas, Samuel, John and Hugh.

Surry, VA

Surry County was formed in 1652 from James City County.

Thomas Gwaltney was born about in England. He married Mary whose maiden name is unknown. He died in 1666 in Surry, VA. His son, William, born about 1625 in Surry, VA married Elizabeth Flake about 1650 in Surry, VA. William died in 1732 in Isle of Wight, VA.

Mathias Marriott was born about 1642 in Surry, VA or in England. He married about 1666 to Alice Warren. Alice and Mathias had the follwoing children: Margaret, Elizabeth, Marion, and William. Mathias died in 1670 in Surry, VA.

Thomas Warren was born in 1624 in Kent, England. He married about 1645 possibly in James Co., VA to Alice Powell and about 1660 to Elizabeth Spencer Shepard in Surry, VA. Thomas and Alice had a daughter, Alice who married Mathias Marriott. Thomas died in 1670 in Surry, VA. Thomas was a member of the House of Burgess 1644-58 for James Co., VA. Following his marriage to Elizabeth, Thomas moved to Surry Co., VA where he served in the House of Burgess for Surry from 1663-1666. He was also Captain of the Militia for Surry County in 1658, 1659 and 1663.

Robert Cartright was born about 1641 in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England. He and his wife came to VA where they settled in the Southwick Parish of Surry, VA. Robert died in Surry, VA in 1676. He and Elizabeth had the following known children: Mary, Robert and Elizabeth.

John Coker, son of John Coker of Jamestown, was born in James City in about 1635. He is noted as purchasing 400 acres in 1657 in Surry County. John married Margaret Allen Clay ca 1660 probably in Surry Co.and had known son, William. Margaret is possibly the daughter of William Allen of James City who arrived to Jamestown in 1623 as a servant and was listed in Charles City in the 1624 census.

Westmoreland, VA

Westmoreland County was formed in 1653 from Northumberland County.

Montross is the county seat where the first courthouse was built in 1673/4. Westmoreland County is the birthplace of George Washington, James Monroe and Robert E. Lee. George Washington's birthplace is Wakefield. Robert E. Lee's birthplace is Stratford Hall Plantation. Westmoreland County is part of the Northern Neck area which covers Westmoreland, Richmond, Northumberland, Lancaster and King George Counties.

John Mewes was born in 1633 in Bedfordshire, England. He died in 1723 in Westmoreland, VA. He married Catherine Moss-Talbot who died before 1698. John and Catherine had the following children: Thomas, Ann, John, Daniel, Nicholas, Mary and Jane. He later married Catherine K. Lewis.

Humphrey Pope was born in 1630 in England or Maryland. He married in 1650 in Westmoreland, VA to Elizabeth Hawkins, daughter of Richard Hawkins. They had the following children: Humphrey, Lawrence, Jemima and Jon. Humphrey died in 1695 in Westmoreland, VA.

Richard Hawkins was born about 1605 in Devon, England to an illustrious naval seafaring family. He married about 1629 to Elizabeth Drake and they had the following children: Richard, John, Drake, Julian, Elizabeth, Nicholas and Jeremiah. Richard died in 1667 in Westmoreland, VA.

Maurice Veale was born in 1650 and had the following children: William, Eleanor, Mary, John and Morris. Maurice died in 1695 in Westmoreland, VA.

John Garner was born in 1633 in northern Wales or Kent Island, VA. He married about 1660 to Susanna Keene and had the following children: John, Henry, Thomas, Martha, Mary, Susan, James, Benjamin, Parish and Vincent. John died in 1702 in Westmoreland, VA.

Andrew Munro/Monroe was born in 1636 in Scotland. He married Elizabeth Alexander in either Maryland or Virginia. Andrew and Elizabeth had the following children: Mary, George, Elizabeth, Susannah, Andrew, and William. Andrew died in 1668 in Westmoreland, VA. Andrew's son, William, was born in 1666 in Westmoreland, VA and married in 1689 to Margaret Bowcock. William died in 1737 in Westmoreland, VA.

Charles Tyler was born about 1667 possibly in Maryland. About 1658 he married Jane Tyler and had children: Charles, Benjamin, Joseph and Christina. Charles died after 1723 in Westmoreland, VA. Charles' son, John, was born abotu 1665 in York, VA. He married first to Mary Gardner, daughter of Martin Gardner and second to a lady whose name is unknown. They had children: Charles, Richard, Kellum, Sarah, and Thomas.

Thomas Bowcock was born about 1625 probably in England. He came to Virginia in 1646 and was brought by George Ludlow of York, VA, probably as an indentured servant. Thoams died after 1687 in Westmoreland, VA.

Thomas Muse b. ca 1665 Northern Neck, VA married after 1708 Elizabeth Sturman. Thomas Muse died 24 Jun 1732 Westmoreland, VA. Children of Thomas and Elizabeth are: James, Ann, John, Christopher, Elizabeth, Mary, Nicholas, Thomas and Daniel.

Elizabeth Sturman is the daughter of John Sturman and Elizabeth Spence. John Sturman was born 1650 MD and died 1723 Westmoreland, VA. He married ca 1676 Westmoreland, VA. Known child is Elizabeth.

John Sturman is the son of John Sturman and Elizabeth Unknown, possibly Hallowes. John Sturman was born ca 1630 Hadman Parish, Buckshire, England. John probably died in Westmoreland, VA.

John Sturman is the son of Thomas Sturman b. 1584 Hadman Parish, Buckshire, England and wife, Ann Unknown, possibly Porter.. Thomas died 1654 in Westmoreland, VA. Children are: John, Elizabeth, Ann, Rosamund and Richard.

Elizabeth Spence is the daughter of Patrick Spence b. 1633. Many sources list Dorcas Youell as the wife of Patrick Spence but this is now thought to be incorrect as the dates do not work. Children of Patrick Spence include: Ellinor, Elizabeth and Patrick.

York, VA

York County was originally named Charles River and was one of the original eight shires formed in 1634. The present name was given in 1643, probably in honor of James, Duke of York, second son of Charles *.

Henry Tyler was born about 1603 in Shropshire, England and married Anne Armistead Orchard. They had children: John and Daniel. Henry married second to Mary whose maiden name is unknown and had a son, Henry. John Tyler was born about 1665 in York, VA. He married first to Mary Gardner, daughter of Martin Gardner and second to a lady whose name is unknown. John had children: Charles, Richard, Kellum, Sarah, and Thomas.

William Parnell came to York, VA in 1651.

Edward Wade was born in 1611 in England. He married Jane Unknown. Edward came to VA, settling in York, VA. He died in York, VA before 24 Apr 1677. Edward and Jane had children: Edward, Dorothy, Margaret, Jane and William.

Edward Wade was born about 1640 probably in York, VA. He married after 1669 to Mary Hampton in James City, VA. Edward and Mary had children: Thomas, Henry and John. Edward died before 1682 in York, VA. Following Mary's death, Edward married Unknown.

Rev.Thomas Hampton was born 1623 in York, VA. He married unknown and had daughter, Mary, who later married Edward Wade of York, VA. Rev.Thomas was the son of William Hampton and Joane Unknown.

Virginia- County Unknown

John Pitts was born in England (or Ireland) and came to Virginia where he married Elizabeth Basse. He remained in Virginia until 1680 when he went to Albemarle, NC.

The Gholson/Golson/Gulston family is in Virginia before 1700.

Thomas Henley married Elizabeth Reynolds. His son, Reynolds Henley married a Keeling. The Henley's are in Virginia before 1700.

Jane Hawkins was born about 1690 probably in Virginia. She married Anthony Gholson. 

Phineas Sladen was also in Virginia before 1700.

Benjamin Paniel was born ca 1700 in VA. He married Susannah Unknown. Benjamin died 1778 in Surry, NC. Children of Benjamin and Susannah include: Thomas Pinnel, William Pennel, Mary, and Betty.

Thomas Pinnel/ Pinion was born ca 1720 in VA. He died ca 1793 in Surry, NC. He married Susannah Tiry/Tyree/ Trye. Children known of Thomas and Susannah include: Reuben Pinion and Benjamin Pinnel.

Susannah Tiry/Trye is the daughter of John Tiry/Tyree/Trye b. ca 1700 in VA and wife Frances Unknown. Known child is Susannah Tiry.

Reuben Pinion, son of Thomas Pinnel/ Pinion and Susannah Tiry was born 1745/52 in VA. He died 3 Mar 1843 in Stanly, NC. He married Lydia Bond in 1793 in Anson, NC. They had two children: Reuben Wilson Pinion and Benjamin W. Pinion.Reuben married first Unknown and had issue: Thomas Pinion and Younger Pinion.


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